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BME London Landlords the collaboration of 14 BME Led London Registered Social Landlords expresses its gratitude for the leadership Gina has given the group during her tenure as Chair. 

Gina Amoh said reflecting on her time as Chair ‘Collaboration has allowed smaller HAs to utilise their knowledge and expertise and those of their larger partners to achieve economies of scale, ensure better risk management and provide value for money. I am pleased that the work of BME London Landlords has been a flagship example of promoting closer working relations that benefits our tenants, our communities and our staff as well as shining the spotlight on diversity issues’

As Chair, Gina has seen BME London Landlords collaborative group establish itself and grow into a model partnership of significance. 

Under the BME London’s brand Gina effectively became the driver of the highly regarded initiative Leadership 2025 from ideation to becoming, the ground breaking intensive 9-month leadership development programme, available exclusively to senior leaders from BME backgrounds working in the housing sector, which is now a stand out template model for creating more diverse leadership at senior levels in housing, public and private sectors. 

Other dynamic partnerships that evolved under Gina’s leadership have been the Build London Partnership with L&Q and the GLA, paving the way for a large G15 association to work with smaller registered providers in London to develop new homes; BME London’s membership of the Housing Association Legal Alliance, and BME London’s contribution to the national award winning employment project in partnership with Olmec. 

These successes have built upon the audacious idea of effective collaboration and partnership of BME RSL’s coming together to effect deliver impact for our stakeholders, for which Gina can take a lion’s share of the credit and credibility due. As Chair of both BME London Landlords and Leadership 2025, Gina stewarded both collaborative partnerships through early consultation, making the business case for, as well as their formative, planning, effective implementation and manifest success. 

Gina as Chair of BME London Landlords also represented the group on the Mayor of London’s ‘Homes for Londoners Board’ that has strategic oversight of overall housing delivery across London.

BME London Landlord members and its partner collaborators would like to thank Gina for her hard work, dedication, foresight and leadership that has made an enormous contribution to harness our collective narratives, organisational experiences, assets and resources in establishing BME London Landlords, in a time of unprecedented change, positioning the group to continue making significant impact on the lives of BME housing sector residents, BME staff and BME communities in London.

BME London Landlords board consist of Chief Executives of 14 BME led registered social landlords, of arguably the most dynamic community facing housing providers that currently exist in London today. Each organisation having existed for over more than 30 years, uniquely placed, provide services to some of the most disadvantaged communities in London. The collective experience of each organisation gives a telling insight to the journey’s, experience, challenges and everyday realities of the communities they serve. Managing staff teams ranging from 2 to 40 members and serving management boards who provide, governance, strategic guidance and operational oversight within the regulatory framework of the regulator of social landlords; BME London Landlords membership works in collaboration to maximise the potential of the civic leadership role that BME led organisations in London, as one of the most diverse cities in the world demands and needs.

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