BMELL BME Tenants Forum to meet 3/4 times within calendar year


  1. Empower BMELL Tenants to champion their voices so that they are heard separately to influence policy and shape service delivery
  2. Dialogue National Housing Federation
  3. Provide a direct audience with Deputy Mayor of London for Housing
  4. Provide a direct audience with Council Leaders
  5. Contribute to co-production of Housing Manifesto for London


Engage 50 tenants From BMELL RSL’s to give voice to their views regarding social housing provision and interventions by BMELL members.

To address priority issues as it relates to BME Tenants in London as determined by themselves.

Secure audiences with Key Stakeholders responsible for the provision of social housing to influence and shape policy.

Engage local authority leaders.


Assigned individual staff members in each BMELL member organisation to coordinate attendance of member representative tenants at BMELL Tenant Forum Meetings.


  • Agreement by BMELL members, plus
  • Assigned delegate staff members in each BMELL member organisation responsible to coordinate member representative tenants
  • Scheduled dates secured for audience with BMELL Chairs, National Housing Federation, Deputy Mayor of London for Housing, Council Leaders

Progress on milestones

Dialogue has begun with Chief Executive Officers with scheduled meetings with BMELL Chairs – February 22 – June 22

Engaged Valerie Oldfield Chair of the National Housing Federation Tenant Advisory Panel and as group invited BMELL to adopt Together with Tenants Charter – November 21 and March 22

Scheduled roundtable meeting with Deputy Mayor of London for Housing – Tom Copley – November 22

Members of the group contributed to London Assembly housing committee about Resident Voice in Housing – 1st February 2023

Consulted on resident views by Better Social Housing Review panel – October 22