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Leadership 2025

Supporting and empowering BME senior professionals to become sector leaders of the future.

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What is the Leadership 2025 programme?

Birthed from an idea and original project from BME London Landlords, Leadership 2025 has proven to be a stand out programme that has established itself as a high level leadership development programme with the aim of enabling a new generation of diverse leadership at the highest levels in the social housing sector.

Now an independent charity, Leadership 2025 continues to influence how social housing creates more opportunity for people of colour.

Leadership 2025 is an intensive 9-month leadership development programme, in partnership with Roffey Park, available exclusively to senior leaders from BME backgrounds working in the housing sector. At its heart, Leadership 2025 aims to support and empower BME senior professionals to become sector leaders of the future. However, more than just leadership programme, Leadership 2025 seeks to positively disrupt the housing sector by challenging current perceptions and promoting the fact that diversity is not just something that ticks boxes but is actually good for business.

Why was it set up?

In many areas, the housing sector is ahead of the curve on diversity and inclusion in employment. There is talent in the sector, but it is not coming through. In response to this challenge, BME London Landlords, L&Q, Optivo, in partnership with Roffey Park, have joined forces to develop a leadership programme – Leadership 2025.

This programme will help guide senior BME leaders in housing to navigate the glass maze of executive leadership and become the sector influencers of the future.

Supporting and empowering BME senior professionals to become sector leaders of the future.

But where the sector falls short is in the proportion of BME people in key leadership roles. It is disproportionately small with just 4% of senior leadership roles held by individuals from BME backgrounds, compared to a 14% BME make-up of the total population. Whilst there are a number of BME CEOs in BME HAs, these organisations tend to be between 50 – 5,000 units. The representation of BME individuals in larger HAs drops significantly.

Funders Group

The Leadership 2025 Funders Group, that has oversight of the overall programme and provides guidance and advice to the Shadow Trustees, comprises of the Mayor of London, G15 and BME London Landlords.

Trustee and Support

The three shadow trustees, Olu Olanrewaju, Gina Amoh and Kate Dodsworth are supported by Altair and Roffey Park.

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