Establish Social Value Created from Collaboration Activity

Establish Social Value of Social Impact created jointly and individually from BMELL member organisations


Map Defined Social Value/Community Investment activity by BMELL member organisations

Utilise HACT online tools/Assess via HACT Wellbeing Value

SROI Valuation Ratio

Internal and External facing reports verifying scope, methodology of exchequer valuation of social value created as result of BMELL Collaboration Activity.


  • Budget
  • Coordinating role reporting to BMELL Exec Group


  • Agreement by BMELL members
  • BMELL member organisations confirm alignment of individual organisational strategic plans with BMELL collaboration work plan 2022
  • Partnership with HACT

Project milestones

Define scope of Social Value Calculation

Identify key stakeholders of BMELL Collaboration

Establish intended/unintended well defined outcomes

Quantify value created

Published Social Value Report