Project purpose

Challenge the social housing sector to action on Anti Racism.

Promote actions and targets that RSL’s should be held accountable for.

Drive engagement with Registered Providers around Anti-Racism.


Become a driver for change in action on Anti racism social housing sector.

Engage partner organisations and agencies to collaborate on initiative.

. Increase adoption anti-racist statements in Social Housing within a framework of clear commitments and ongoing accountability.

Enable fora and secure social housing audiences for ongoing dialogue around best practice in measuring accountability against Anti Racism initiative targets.


To be determined.


  • Commitment from BMELL members
  • Partnership agreement between BMELL, BMEN, NHF and CIH

Project milestones

Project plan

Host Webinars/Roundtable Meetings with Partners/Academics

Launch Social Housing Sector Anti Racism Pledge

Review progress against target