The driving factor behind setting up a charity for BME London Landlords is to enable and leverage the additional social value and social impact that BMELL already generate. By developing a charitable entity sponsored by the collaborative group it is clear that our collaboration can scale the impact we already deliver for our stakeholders by developing an organisational vehicle specifically for that purpose.

The charitable entity’s relationship to the collaboration by default leverages the financial management, governance experience and credibility of established sustainable registered social landlords who have developed a track record of delivering a number of successful partnerships (Leadership 2025, Kickstart Housing Partnership, Bangla COVID 19 Advice Project, Rise To Employment) and innovative social impact projects to the marginalised BME communities we serve and have close proximity to.

The entity will be an attractive proposition to funding organisations who are seeking to fund effective partnership initiatives to address race and EDI disparity and disproportionality. BMELL have an exciting project programme of activities, where many stakeholders seeking to serve BME residents and diverse community groups have already approached the collaboration with potential partnership opportunities. With many funding agencies seeking to support projects that address race disparity and disproportionality, our charitable entity will be well placed to be a leading group to receive funding support.

We have instructed Devonshires to expedite setting up the charitable entity as a collaborative group; and to advise on the most appropriate charitable entity and model rules to raise charitable funds to support our programme activity and future emergent opportunities to provide positive outcomes and enhanced value for money for our residents, communities, and organisations.