Collaborating For Our Customers and Our Communities

13 BME Led Registered Social Landlords Leading The Way In Social Innovation

Social Innovation

Social Innovation has to be at the heart of everything BME London Landlords does to implement effective change as BAME communities comprise 49% of the London demographic. Arguably the premier city of the world, the disparities that exist demonstrate that there is much to do to achieve social equity. As such BME London Landlords collaborate with partners to leverage our collective narratives, organisational experiences, assets and resources to become a stimulus for value creation that leads to significantly more social impact projects that benefits BAME communities in London than is being achieved to date

Who We Are

BME London Landlords are group of BME led Housing Organisations (Registered social landlords) who have a combined asset base at a value in excess of £1.2 billion, accessed £300 million in social grants, manage over 6300 London homes and has the capacity to develop 2100 new homes. BME London Landlords have come together and formed a mission to work together in partnership to deliver ambitious, innovative and influential projects that provide positive outcomes and enhance value for money for our residents communities and organisations

Programme Areas

Housing Manifesto For Change

Partnering with BME National and key social housing stakeholders we by April 22 we will produce a White Paper concerning the disparities faced by BME tenants and BME Communities in social housing, with findings and recommendations to influence and shape social housing sector policy

BME Tenants Forum

To empower BMELL Tenants and champion their voices so that they are heard separately to influence policy and shape service delivery will engage 50 tenants from BMELL member RSL’s to give voice to their views regarding social housing provision and interventions by BMELL members

Anti Racism Initiative

We aim the challenge the social housing sector to become a driver for change in action on Anti-racism in the social housing sector

Establish Social Value

Establish Social Value of Social Impact created jointly and individually from BMELL member organisations