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BME London Landlords Tenants Forum are the Tenant representative group of BME
London Landlords Collaboration, 13 BME led Housing Organisations (Registered social
landlords) that manage over 6300 London homes. We work together in collaboration
delivering ambitious, innovative and influential projects that provide positive outcomes
and enhance value for money for our residents communities and organisations.
The BME London Landlords Tenant Forum consist of Tenant Representatives from each
member organisation within the collaboration.
We are happy for you to include us in the published list of respondents to this

Consultation Response
In relation to The Regulator for Social Housing’s Consumer Standards consultation we as
the BME London Landlords Tenants Forum endorse the London Tenants Federation’s
submission to the RSH Consumer Standards Consultation Submission.
In principle we welcome all steps that are likely to improve the repairs service to tenants,
and landlords’ arrangements to involve and empower tenants.
We hope the Regulator will be proactive in ensuring improvements are forthcoming.
We would point out, however, that social housing has been neglected and underfunded
for over forty years. We therefore strongly recommend that the government provide
increased funding to councils and housing associations to enable these improvements to