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“When people are determined they can overcome anything”

Nelson Mandela

Events around the globe in the last few weeks and months have shown us all the best and the worst humanity. First, we saw the overwhelming compassion, care, and selfless acts by so many, in particular, people working in the frontline in the fight against a deadly virus and keeping the essentials services going that the country needs. Then we mourned for the loss of countless lives – elderly, vulnerable, and disproportionate deaths of people, professionals, and frontline workers from BME communities. Now we are witnessing the anger, anxiety, and solidarity of local communities, led by millennials from all colours and creed – coming together to say no to racism in any form.

All institutions and businesses have to learn and act to bring lasting change to address the deep divisions that have come to surface since the death of Mr. George Floyd. As BME social housing businesses that were first founded to address the social injustices in housing facing our communities, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to shine the light on the social and economic injustices experienced by them.

Whilst we stand proud of our community’s selfless acts, we share their sadness and stand in solidarity in their quest for social and economic justice

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”.

BME London Landlords – 5th June 2020

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