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Bashir Uddin, Chief Exec. of Bangla HA, said about the Bangla Covid 19 Advice Project (BCAP), whilst we originally intended to do a specific video for the Bangladeshi community as part of the funding bid to the National Lottery Fund, our team thought it was only common sense that we translate the NHS Hands, Space and Face Video into Bengali. Since we posted the video on YouTube primarily to target Bangladeshi communities in the UK, the video has gone international. We know that people in Bangladeshi have watched the video from the comments.

The Bangla Covid 19 Advice Project (BCAP) aim is to raise covid-19 awareness amongst Bangladeshi community comprising of 10,000 households or 40,000 people living in Hackney and Tower Hamlets. As the project has evolved its reach is now beyond these boroughs due to our use of social media (WhatsApp, Facebook and You Tube) and through the Bangladeshi press and media including taking part in chat shows on Bangladeshi community sky channels.

The NHS and UK Government’s Hands Space Face Video, Bengali translation version, is an example of the value creation that could only come about from a frontline community-facing organisation embedded in their community. Looking at this in the context of a case study, the Bangla COVID 19 Advice Project sought to seize the emergent impact opportunity to creatively look at how they could leverage the NHS messaging and the team they brought together to meet the project’s key objectives to ultimately save lives by exploring how they could create the most value and impact.

The Bangla Covid 19 Advice Project (BCAP) is a partnership project is led by Bangla Housing Association, supported by Spitalfields Housing Association and BME London Landlords, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.