The SHARP Pledge

We have come together as social housing organisations because we recognise that those who experience racism, experience it differently, and that as organisations who operate as change makers and place shapers that we have to set the highest standards which includes listening and learning from a wide variety of voices as we seek to become zero tolerant anti-racist organisations in our practice and processes to set a clear examples that can impact and influence society. The Social Housing Anti Racism Pledge provides a collective framework for Housing Organisations to commit to taking the necessary action, set the necessary targets, communicate and engage with their stakeholders to develop an inclusive culture, whilst working with others within the social housing sector, to identify best practice to actively combat racism. Signatories must commit to working their supply chains, staff, residents and service users, to promote an inclusive operational culture where people are comfortable talking about race. The pledge action steps outlines what organisations, who have signed up to the pledge have committed to implement. There will be frequent opportunities for participating organisations to get together discuss their progress, share lessons and challenges. Support will be available to participating organisations via training and consultancy with an annual review to evaluate progress and celebrate the work achieved.

1. Make The Commitment To Action - As part Of Your Anti-racism Strategy/Pledge

2. Set Targets To Improve The Ethnic Diversity Of Your Board And Staff At All Levels

3. Communicate And Engage - By Internal And External Promotion Of Your Anti-Racism Strategy/Pledge

4. Develop An Inclusive Culture