Research and Publications

14 BME Led Registered Social Landlords Leading The Way In Social Innovation
Addressing Structural Inequalities Statement

Addressing Structural Inequalities Statement  – June 2020

George Floyd Protests Statement

BME London – George Floyd Protests Statement  – June 2020

BME London Windrush Lessons Learned

BME London – Windrush Lessons Learned Statement  – March 2020

Annual Report 2018/2019

BME London Landlords Annual Report 2018/2019

Response to Mayors Vision

BME London Landlords Response To London Mayor’s Vision for a Diverse and Inclusive City    October 2017

The Altair Review BME London

The Altair Review BME London  Nov 2017

BME London Grenfell Fire Statement

BME London Statement on Grenfell Fire Tragedy – August 2017

BME Collaboration Multiplying Success

BME Collaboration – Multiplying Success  March 2017

Collaboration The Art of the Possible

BME London research report on forming and early experiences    July 2016

Deep Roots  Diverse Communities Dedicated Service

The Legacy, Value and Future Potential of BME Housing Organisations in England   Oct 2015