1. Commit to Action by Signing Up for The Pledge

Join us in tackling racism and racial inequality by signing up to SHARP to commit your organisation to take demonstrable actions outlined within the pledge to implement an anti-racism strategy to ensure your organisation is racially inclusive in its practice, processes, structure, and service delivery.

SHARP will provide opportunities for participating organisations to get together discuss their progress, share lessons and challenges. SHARP will support participating organisations via training and consultancy delivered by expert consultants in facilitating the development of inclusive operational cultures, with participating organisations being part of an annual review process to evaluate progress and celebrate the work achieved.

2. Set Targets To Improve The Ethnic Diversity of Boards and Staff at All Levels

  • Adopt the Rooney Rule in at job levels where you identify under representation
  • Report annually and act on findings:
    • ethnicity pay gap (where pay gap reporting is not possible due to small sample sizes – report BAME employee ratios at different levels)
    • recruitment, promotion and retention ethnicity data
  • Invest in recruitment channels to bring in more Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority applicants
  • Train all staff and board in Unconscious Bias and raise awareness of white privilege
  • Ensure ethnically diverse recruitment panels
  • Invest resources in positive action initiatives aimed at improving BAME representation at levels showing gaps. This can include leadership development programmes, mentoring/shadowing opportunities and internal talent pipeline initiatives

3. Communicate and Engage

By internal and external promotion of your Anti-racism Strategy/Pledge

Publicise your support for racial equality and commitment to anti-racist practice and awareness of specific challenges facing your organisation, publish your commitment to take specific actions to tackle the challenges you identified. Report on progress annually. Disaggregate ethnicity data and use other channels to learn about the experiences of BAME tenants/service users and act on findings. Build links with and support BAME community groups in the area and beyond; invest in building their capacity to support local communities and bring in community knowledge and challenge to the organisation

4. Develop An Inclusive Culture

Chief Executives, senior leaders/Heads of Housing and boards to take a proactive role in championing and monitoring progress on these pledges. Chief Executives, senior leaders/Heads of Housing and boards to actively support and promote an inclusive culture where people are comfortable talking about race and can bring their whole self to work. Actively support and promote a culture where Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority staff and tenants/service users are comfortable to voice concerns related to race and are believed when this happens. Invest in reverse mentoring schemes to share experiences and improve opportunities